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Travel makes you brave. It teaches you about people, about love, and about yourself. Gain a new perspective, start fresh, and break your every day patterns by taking a trip somewhere new. It’s an adventure.

Here, we talk about traveling…alone. What are the benefits? How do you do it? Where should you start? How long should you be gone for? Yessssss, all of that. These are some of my favorite topics! What if I told you that traveling was as simple as sitting down at your computer, checking google for flights to x, entering in your credit card number, and pressing confirm? Does that scare you? Does that make you sweat a little?

It’s supposed to.

You’re the only one holding yourself back from having an adventure. You don’t need a travel buddy. You don’t need to all the money in the world to take a trip! You just need the balls to press “confirm.”

If you want to change the world, you have to SEE the world.

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The Where of Travel

Gah, where do you even start with a topic as vague and general as travel? How in the hell do I summarize something as meaningful and life changing in a single blog post?   I can’t. But I have to start somewhere.   So I guess I’ll start with the “where” of travel.   In my...

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hey I’m Madison!

I’m a 29 year-old divorced wedding photographer (gotta love the irony there). This is my journey to becoming an independent and badass chick, who refuses to settle. Travel, money, divorce, sex, and all the emotional shit that comes in between.... Maybe, in the past, these are topics I would have tried to sweep under the rug, but I figured it was time to stop apologizing for who I am and what I like. That’s part of being FemStrong.