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How do you make money?

Are you a business badass? Climbing the corporate ladder? Fun-employed? Stay at home mom?

Let’s talk about one of my FAVORITE subjects…the DOLLA BILLS, BABY. And how money gives you the freedom to live the life you choose. If you want to truly be in charge and design your life the way YOU want, money is the vehicle that will get you there.

People talk about poor little mula like it’s a dirty word. “Ewww. It’s evil. Money makes your greedy. You’re a bad person for wanting it.”

Well, those people are ridiculous. Tell me one person who doesn’t need money to live their life….pay rent, buy food, go on a vacation every once in a while. Yeesh.

Why are people so scared to admit this fact? I don’t know.

What I do know is this. It’s hard as hell to be independent and free when you don’t know where your next pay check is coming from. So, here’s our opportunity to talk about work, businesses, sales, side hustles, finances, splurges, budgeting, and a baby bit about investing….


hey I’m Madison!

I’m a 29 year-old divorced wedding photographer (gotta love the irony there). This is my journey to becoming an independent and badass chick, who refuses to settle. Travel, money, divorce, sex, and all the emotional shit that comes in between.... Maybe, in the past, these are topics I would have tried to sweep under the rug, but I figured it was time to stop apologizing for who I am and what I like. That’s part of being FemStrong.

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